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Siegling Transvent Ventilation Belts

In MDF and particle board manufacture, Siegling Transvent ventilation belts are used when pre-compressing the chip mat.

Ventilation and pre-compression belt in chipboard and fibreboard manufacture. The chip mat is pre-compressed while conveyed to the press.

Siegling Linpack

Folder and Carrier Belts with Linatex Top Face.

Siegling Linpack belts are mainly used as

  • feeder belts on box folders and labelling and creasing machines
  • accelerator belts in tin plate processing and on packaging and glueing machines
  • folder belts on heavy-duty folders in the heavy carton and corrugated cardboard industry
  • conveyor belts with a high friction coefficient

Siegling Round Belts

Siegling Round belts are used for conveying in the textile, wood-working, ceramic, packaging and chemical industries.

Siegling Propipe – Powerful and Gentle

Regardless of the forces involved: with splice-free tension members and vulcanised top faces, Siegling Propipe will gently, but reliably get all finished and semi-finished products on the move.

Belt scrapers module


  • suitable for belt scrapers of urethane and polyester
  • robust and compact design
  • adjustable, continuously contact force
  • adjustable scraper angle

Mesh Belts

Different mesh sizes with open areas of 60% max. make Forbo mesh belts ideal processing belts for cleaning, drying, filtering and cooling. The belts can be supplied in different versions, for example with reinforced belt edges, with fibre-glass or Kevlar-fabric, with tracking- and lateral-profiles.


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