Innovation in Motion

Industries & Applications

Logistics & Airport Industry

Precision and efficiency in order picking and distribution are the decisive factors in the success of a company.

Industrial Production

Each of the highly specialized process steps requires conveyor and processing belts that are very different.

Chocolate & Confectionary

Chocolate & Confectionary

Sticky products like chocolate of all types, primarily require special top-face coatings or surface patterns during production.

Textile Industry

Forbo Movement Systems has been accompanying the numerous developments in the manufacture of yarn and fabrics .

Paper Industry

The challenge to paper converting belts is the variety of applications for paper processing and Forbo has been a development partner and supplier to OEMs and end users.

Printing Industry

In practically every sector of the printing industry, machine tapes convey, fold or package printed or unprinted paper.

Sport & Leisure Industry

Sports and leisure activities are equipped with high-tech and complicated treadmills and required sophisticated belts for it.

Tobacco Industry

Chemical resistant belts require to conveying the bales, to preparing the tobacco and producing the cigarettes, to conveying packaging

Food & Beverages Industry

Food-Safe, Hygienic Conveyor Solutions Improve Every Step of Filling, Processing, Labelling and Packaging.