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Rolled Baking Band

Wire Belt Company’s Rolled Baking Band is designed primarily for ovens common to the baking industry, where an extremely flat carrying surface is required for the direct baking of biscuits and cookies.  These belts are often installed in biscuit baking tunnel ovens in lengths in excess of 100 meters with baking zone temperatures up to approximately 310°C.

Rolled Baking Band also known throughout the industry as “Z Belts” is created by forcing a duplex unilateral spiral woven mesh through a rolling process to achieve a completely flat, smooth surface and a reduced belt thickness, without compromising heat efficiency.  The design creates a belt of low mass, high strength with good air circulation.  The belt is friction-driven by means of a large diameter drum, commonly placed at the out feed of the tunnel oven.

By providing a flat, uniform surface, Rolled Baking Band is suitable for conveying both soft and hard dough through baking processes whilst ensuring an even heat transfer across the whole belt width.  Rolled Baking Bands may not be suitable for soft doughs with a high fat content where the dough will flow into the mesh in the baking process.