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Flat-Flex® XT®

Designed for demanding, medium duty applications

When you require extra strength and support from your belt, look no further than Flat-Flex® XT®. Flat-Flex® XT’s unique smaller spaces increase the amount of joints across the width of the belt, making the belt stronger. Flat-Flex® XT’s unique design enables superior distribution of product weight across the width of the belt, reducing metal fatigue and increasing belt life.

Flat-Flex® XT® conveyor belt is available in the following belt meshes:
7.26 X 1.60 mm
12.7 x 1.83 mm
9.60 x 1.83 mm
9.60 x 2.08 mm

Flat-Flex® XT® Advantages: Over 2X the life of standard belts More joints across the belt for longer belt life Up to 90% belt strength increase over standard Flat-Flex® belts Clean-in-place, wash down design Up to 78% open area for maximum air/liquid flow through Smooth carrying surface lessens product damage Available with C-Cure-Edge® loops Easily joined using Flat-Flex® XT® joining clips or EZSplice® joining strands USDA Accepted