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Ladder-Flex Conveyor

Ladder-Flex™ Spreading, Converging and Diverging Conveyors Custom designed solutions for product transport and positioning.

The necessity to spread/separate or converge products while they are moving on a process belt conveyor is a major requirement for a wide range of food, confectionery and industrial applications.  In many cases this allows processors to run narrower conveyors saving factory floor space. Coating processes also benefit by separating product and reducing rejection rates.

Wire Belt offers custom-designed Ladder-Flex™ conveyors which can provide a spreading, converging or diverging operation.

These are positively driven transport conveyors that use multiple rows of narrow-width stainless steel conveyor belt.  Gentle product handling minimises potential damage to fragile products.  Rows of belt run over a food grade high density polyethylene (HDPE) support surface and each belt is positively driven by a stainless steel sprocket.

This conveying system is designed and built to be easily cleaned and sanitised.  Hygiene and food safety are always paramount considerations when choosing equipment for a food processing environment.