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Food Industry Chains


SEDIS is present at every stage of the slaughtering process: from butchering to the cutting area, along with the carcass chilling process and refrigeration.

In a sector where the health requirements are stringent, our Verte® chains, which function without lubrication and can withstand cleaning, allow significant gains in productivity while avoiding any contamination of the products being conveyed.


Whether it is for grading, sorting, elevation or pasteurization operations, SEDIS is able to propose chains the best suited to your process:

  • Reinforced stainless steel chainsfor greater resistance to traction and wear
  • Maintenance-free Verte® chains
  • As well as a wide range of adaptations to meet your needs perfectly (bracket, extended pin, hollow pins, etc.)



The dairy industries are subject to stringent health standards. Throughout the process, from pasteurization and sterilization through to packaging, including skimming, draining, culturing, addition of rennet and maturing, these standards represent a permanent challenge.

In order to provide the best possible support for the players in the area of dairy produce transformation, SEDIS has developed chains that can be adapted to these constraints:

  • Extremely hard stainless steel chainslubricated with H1 food-grade grease for increased resistance to traction and wear
  •  Verte® (DELTA VERTE® and LUB FREE) chains, that do not require any lubrication and withstand cleaning.



Like every other sector of the food industry, the industrial bakery sector is subject to strict health constraints. The production lines must make it possible to obtain products of absolutely exemplary quality.

Whether for making bread, pizzas or any other pastry products, SEDIS proposes a range of chains that can be installed on all your applications, from the shaping of the dough to deep-freezing, not to mention the ovens and fermentation.

Our products’ high level of reliability has allowed us to develop the loyalty  of the greatest brands in the area of industrial bakery


Whether they produce cans, glass or plastic containers, the industries in the beverage sector are all subject to the same productivity constraints. The production rates mean that an optimum production tool is required.

In the area of cans for example, the combination of quick drying and a high-speed production line makes it possible to have a smaller spike oven but with a greater can treatment capacity. SEDIS has developed a CAN chain technology particularly well-suited to this application. Its high resistance to wear ensures a longer service life. It is also proposed in a maintenance-free version, including composite bushes, which frees you from the need for any lubrication.

For bottle washing, the production of caps or pallet loaders, SEDIS also has a comprehensive range of high-quality products, that will allow you to increase your productivity while cutting your related maintenance costs.


The packaging sector plays a key role in many sectors of activity, particularly for the food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries. The safety, health and precision of the installations constitute important challenges for this innovative and dynamic industry.

Always keen to help these customers achieve excellence, SEDIS proposes products that are perfectly suited to these challenges, whether for packing (pallet storage), thermoforming (gripper chains), filling (adapted chains manufactured within 48hrs) or lidding (spiked chains).

Our chains, manufactured in our ISO 9001-certified French plants, provide you with the assurance of a long service life and great operating precision.  Our broad range comprising, among other things, extremely hard stainless steel chains, maintenance-free chains withstanding cleaning, or Delta chains offering unrivalled wear resistance, makes it possible to provide a solution for coping with all the problems faced  by packaging professionals.


Whether they produce sugar by extraction from sugar beet or from sugarcane, the sugar industries are subject to intensive yield constraints owing, in particular, to their campaign system of operation. During a very short lapse of time, they are going to function 24/7. No production downtime is permitted during this period.

The SEDIS chains, thanks to their high degree of reliability, offer their users the assurance of an incident-free campaign.

Chains are used all along the sugar-making process: from the harvesters to the intermediate feeders, along with the cane feeders, weed pullers, or the bagasse conveyors for the sugarcane part; and the stone removers, diffusers, dehydrators or feeders for sugar beet.

Each installation is the subject of an in-depth study by our engineers of the production constraints inherent to each site, in order to propose a unique and appropriate solution assuring our customers of the continuity of their production process throughout the campaign.

Food Industry Chains